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This is about a girl of Polish origin installed recently in Paris, chasing her dream to become a singer and create her own kind of art. The young artist says that she “comes from the moon” and likes to talk about her obsession with it. Kat has long been associated with the music and travel project, called “KATYISWILD”. She was also part of the duet project “KAYTE”, that even released a demo EP. Her first single “Take Me Home”, published in September 2015, was received with enthusiasm from the public.

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Starting her journey approximately in 2015 she decided to share her music with people in many places around the world, including big European cities (Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Prague, and others), Australia, Vietnam or Thailand. Her debut solo project released on May, 2018, under the independent label “KAT GALIE”, is a very inspiring EP named “MOONLIGHT”.

It brings together five ballads composed by the artist during his many travels. As all titles are in the same vein, we could fear that all the melodies are similar and eventually become boring, but this is not the case.

One of the elements that makes this EP exciting is Kat’s voice, which is warm, deep and powerful, while maintaining a certain sweetness. The last song, “Pray for Love”, is undoubtedly the most sentimental of the opus. She even manages to make his EP coherent by demonstrating consistency through his titles.

The singer is a fan of Selah Sue, and it feels good in the groove she gives to her voice. Her music is a collection of emotional acoustic melodies with a bite of funky rhythms and hazy stories inspired on her life experiences. She has the talent and charisma of a great artist, there is no doubt that she will be successful.

Listen to Kat’s latest single ‘Sane’.

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