10 French Musicians Everyone Needs to Know

Discovering 10 French Music Artists You Need to Know

The music in France is rich and diverse, offering a wide range of sounds and styles that captivate listeners globally. From the soulful melodies of jazz and funk to the rhythmic beats of pop and electro, French music artists continue to leave an indelible mark on the international music scene. This guide introduces you to ten musicians in France who are redefining the boundaries of French pop music and beyond.

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Musicians in France

In this article on France Music not only highlights the talent and diversity of francophone music artists but also serves as a gateway to exploring the vibrant and dynamic world of French music. From the soulful explorations of Nina Attal to the innovative jazz-funk fusion of Electro Deluxe, these artists demonstrate the global appeal and innovative spirit of French pop music and its rich cultural heritage.

1. Hyleen

Our French singer Hyleen, is also a talented guitarist and songwriter, with an incredible and powerful voice. Her career started around 2014, when she released her debut album “U & I“.  Hyleen’s music is mostly based on jazz, funk, pop and neo-soul styles.

2. Tiwayo

Tiwayo is a guitarist, singer and songwriter, with a very bohemian, creative and spiritual style. He released his first EP in 2015, “Tiwayo”, which includes the single “Wild”. Into the music of the artist we can distinct genres like reggae, hip-hop and rock & soul.

3. Delgres

Delgrès is a French trio conformed by Baptiste Brondy (drums), Rafgee (tuba sousaphone) and Pascal Danae (vocals, guitar). “Mo Jodi” is the name of their debut album, that was released in 2018. This group is more inclined to blues, but also mixes rock, folk, world, R&B, jazz and an extense variety of other music genres.

4. Victor Solf

Victor Solf is a French singer and songwriter, co-founder of the group Her, created in 2015. Currently, he started his solo career by releasing his first EP “Aftermath“, on January, 2020. At his EP we can find touches of soul and gospel, as well as indie rock and alternative rock.

5. RoSaWay

This project started in 2017, and is a duet conformed by Rachel Ombredane in the flute/voice, and Stéphane Avellaneda on the drums. Their first EP “Stranger” was released in 2019, it has sounds of electro-pop and jazz, mixed with the exotic voice of Rachel, who sings in English with a very punctual French accent.

6. Tibz

Tibz is a French singer, composer and author who started his musical career in 2015. Dedicated to the French music style, he released his debut album in 2017, “Nation“, which includes 12 tracks. He was nominated for the NRJ Music Awards as the francophone revelation of 2017.

7. Nina Attal

This singer, guitarist and songwriter from Paris, started her musical career in 2009. Nina’s debut album was released in 2011, named “Yellow 6/17“. She likes to combine funk, rock, pop, hip hop and rhythm’n’blues with her music, adding its very own and proper sound.

8. Dam’nco

This musical agrupation was created in 2015 by Damien Schmitt, who is also the drummer and singer, and composed by Michel Alibo, Yann Negrit, Michael Lecoq, Fred Dupont and Sthephane Edouard. They recorded in 2016 the album “From Paris with love“, which is inspired on Paris. The band combines multicultural sounds as funk, hip-hop, afro/funk, metal, French jazz and pop, to mention a few.

9. Florent Mothe

Florent Mothe is a French singer, musician and actor, multi-instrumentalist, that plays flute, guitar, bass, piano and synthesizer. Before starting his solo career in 2007, he was part of two different bands. “Rock In Chair“, released in 2013, was his debut solo album. His music genres are heavy metal, pop, pop, rock and jazz.

10. Electro Deluxe

Electro Deluxe started as a nu-jazz group, that was discovered in 2001 in France. Conformed by 5 gifted musicians, they released their debut album “Stardown” in 2005, collaborating with 14 different artists. This group mixes sounds of jazz, pop, electro, soul and French style, with its own original music style.

Exploring the landscape of music in France, one cannot help but be impressed by the sheer talent and creativity that France musicians bring to the global stage. With a heritage steeped in artistic richness, each musician in France contributes to the tapestry of the nation’s cultural identity, showcasing a blend of classical tradition and contemporary innovation. From the spirited streets of Paris to the sun-kissed shores of the Riviera, the melodies and rhythms crafted by these artists continue to inspire and influence music lovers worldwide.

When discussing the impact of France musicians, it’s essential to recognize the diverse genres and styles they master. Whether it’s the soulful expressions of a chanson singer or the vibrant beats produced by an electronic music maestro, each musician in France offers a unique sound that resonates beyond borders. Their contributions not only enrich France’s musical heritage but also serve as a bridge, connecting French culture with the global community through the universal language of music.

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