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Guillaume Perret

Born on June, 1980, in France, Guillaume Perret is a composer, keyboard and saxophone player dedicated to the jazz. He started to practice music at the age of 6, instantly showing his passion and love for it. Guillaume graduated from Chambéry Conservatoire, and also studied at the Annecy conservatoire. In the 2000’s, began teaching saxophone … Read more


Our rising stars Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn, are the ones who creates the music, style and very own brand of Pomplamoose, a very dynamic musical duet from the United States, formed in 2008. They started by selling at least 100.000 or more songs online, and creating content on Youtube and MySpace, reaching more than … Read more

Ben L’Oncle Soul

Benjamin Duterde, born in Tours, France (1984), is a talented singer and songwriter from the French scene with a huge success and enveloping music which possess the ability to take people to a very relaxed and inspiring place. Ben’s passion and attraction for soul and Afro-American music were instilled by his mother since its birth, … Read more

Sofia Ellar

A purely authentic artist with an incredible potential to keep exploring and showing it to the world, Sofia Ellar, whose real name is Sofia Lecubarri and Ruigómez, was born in 1993 in the United Kingdom, but raised in Spain. That turned her into a bilingual singer, with pieces both in Spanish and English. Since an … Read more

M Pokora

One of the most promising uprising French stars, a young man with too much passion and natural talent for the music industry internationally, Matthieu Tota (also known before as Matt Pokora), was born in Strasbourg, France (in 1985) and has Polish roots. He is an actor, dancer, singer and composer, whose career has been a … Read more

Thana Alexa

A Croatian/American vocalist, composer, singer, arranger, violinist, producer and activist woman, whose talent to create music goes beyond the usual stuff, Thana Alexa has a purpose to express through her music what she feels and the message she wants to represent, taking topics about the reality we live in and personal experiences of herself. This … Read more

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