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Born in 1991, this singer-songwriter and guitarist from the French (French) coast, surprises us with the single Looking At, which belongs to the 2017 production B-SIDE. This was pressed by the French label La Note … Read more

Victor Solf

Some words to describe the Victor Solf experience: dynamic, spontaneous, modern, versatile and melodically fluid. Born in Germany (1990), Victor Solf who currently lives in France started as the co-founder of The Popopopos in 2007, … Read more

Marwa Loud

Marwa Outamghart is the name of our outstanding French singer/rapper, originative from Strasbourg and born in December, 1996. Marwa is known for being an urban pop, urban dance, French rap and R&B artist. The star … Read more

M Pokora

Considered as one of the most remarkable uprising French stars, a young man full of passion and talent for the music industry internationally, Matthieu Tota (also known before as Matt Pokora), was born in Strasbourg, … Read more