A young talented French girl from Lyon, France born in 1996, is the one behind the melodic beautiful voice of Pomme. Her real name is Clare Pommet, she signed with the British label Polydor Records (originally founded in Germany), and started her activity as an artist in 2015, releasing her first solo EP called “En Cavale” in 2016. This EP includes the singles “J’suis pas dupe”, “En Cavale” and “Jane & John”. After her remarkable first EP, she set off alone on the road and by train with her guitar, sharing her songs with a very cheerful and warm personality. With her associates she experimented and came up with arrangements that varied from the epic to the minimalist.

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Clare released her first LP “À peu près” in 2017, alongside the production duo Benjamin ‘Waxx’ Hékimian and Matthieu Joly, including singles like “De là-haut”, “A Lonely One”, “On brûlera” and “Pauline”. Love is the main theme of the album, which focuses on throes of the heart and senses. Two years later a renewed Pomme comes back presenting her new album “Les Failles” (including 11 tracks with the singles “je sais pas danser” and “anxiété”) which counts with two bonus versions “Les Failles Cachées” and “Les Failles Cachées Halloween Version”. This LP reconnected with her soul, expressing Pomme’s true colors and becoming a melody directly to the listeners’ heart. The same year, a new single “2019” came out, followed in 2020 with the production “Quarantine Phone Sessions” (5 tracks) and her most recent single “à perte de vue”.

Clare tries very carefully to avoid any typecast of genre, so she can keep creating her music without bounders, but to compare it with a style, is kind of French folk-pop. What really makes her so special is her amazingly mature, sensual and cozy voice. Pomme’s remarkable vocal touch, transforms ordinary words in something beautiful and turn everyday matters into moving poetry.


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