Victor Solf

Some words to describe the Victor Solf experience: dynamic, spontaneous, modern, versatile and melodically fluid. Born in Germany (1990), Victor Solf who currently lives in France started as the co-founder of The Popopopos in 2007, then also as co-founder of the musical project Her in 2015 alongside Simon Carpenter.

Her ended in 2018, giving way to begin his solo music career in 2019. Victor’s beginning in music was characterized by some neo pop-soul with electronic but yet organic sounds and subtly ironic lyrics.

To take off his solo career Victor started releasing “Traffic Light” as first single in 2019, a somber, melancholic and with dark sounds hints title which embraced his deepest feelings inspired by the experiences of the latest year before its launch. Continuing with the musical journey, “Hero” was released the next year (2020) as a second single. Both singles were included in the first EP from the artist named “Aftermath” released that same year, an EP that combines touches of gospel with some classical pure piano, electro sounds and gorgeous vocal harmonies.

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A second EP followed, “12 Monkeys Mixtape” came out also in 2020, composed by 6 tracks. All this gave the anteroom to Solf’s first album “Still. There’s hope” released in 2021, this album gathers 12 titles, the singles “I Don’t Fit” and “How did We?” (Featuring Zéfire) among them.

This last LP follows a path with foots of loss, sadness, introspection, self-acknowledgment and resurgence, a whole story of life with uncontrolled and cathartic emotions, as well as some airs of his dearest friend and ex band mate Simon Carpenter.

Victor possess a creative spirit connected with musical abilities, following the influence of artists like Elton John, Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye. With his energetic and charismatic personality, he brings us a nuance of emotions and experiences trough its music, art and message.


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