Guillaume Perret

Born on June, 1980, in France, Guillaume Perret is a composer, keyboard and saxophone player dedicated to the jazz. He started to practice music at the age of 6, instantly showing his passion and love for it. Guillaume graduated from Chambéry Conservatoire, and also studied at the Annecy conservatoire. In the 2000’s, began teaching saxophone and music techniques, until he received several opportunities to play and record for other artists like Hadrian Feraud, Flavio Boltro or Claude Tchamitchian, and decided to fully dedicate to his own projects.

His actual musical career took fly in 2002, when he departed to a tour with 4tet NOSQUARE, traveling to Switzerland, Poland, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, and other countries during the next years.

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Our talented musician also recorded three albums with the jazz collective Lebocal, the first one in 2002, the second in the next year, and the third in 2006. Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic, his next step on the music path, was a project created in 2008, alongside other musicians called Yoann Serra, Philippe Bussonnet and Jim Grandcamp. Together they released their first album in 2012, named “Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic”, with the producer John Zorn and his label ‘Tzadik’. The album had a great success and was very well accepted by the public. Afterward, “Doors”, an EP by them was released in 2013, and another album in 2014 named “Open Me” with the label ‘Kakoum! Records’.

In 2016 the album “Free” by Guillaume alone, saw the public light, talking about the opened horizons of jazz in the history, mixing different emotions, touches of other genres, and modern styles. “Free” includes 12 tracks; “Heavy Dance” among them. Another album is released in 2018, entitled “16 Levers de Soleil”, a work that contains 14 tracks and that is the most recent release of the musician.

We know can say that since his career started, Guillaume has performed on stage more than a hundred times, having a lot of musical experiences and even participating on international festivals. Playing with contemporary jazz, funky grooves, metal, rock, electro-funk and psychedelic sound, Perret is capable to elaborate compositions that can go from one extreme (hard, passionate and intense) to other (calmed and melodic) easily, leaving us all with a vast field to listen and enjoy.

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