Toshiki Soejima

The Neo-Soul Virtuoso of Japan

n the vibrant landscape of Japan’s music scene, Toshiki Soejima, also known as “Soejima Toshiki,” emerges as a beacon of Neo-Soul, captivating audiences with his profound guitar skills and innovative teaching approach. His journey into the realm of music began at a tender age, with a guitar in hand at fourteen. His academic pursuits led him to Rikkyo University, where he studied Business Administration, laying the groundwork for his entrepreneurial venture into music education.

Post-graduation, “Toshiki Soejima guitar” passion for Neo-Soul took a definitive shape as he founded a music school in 2016, which rapidly grew into one of Japan’s most sought-after institutions for aspiring musicians. Specializing in Neo-Soul, “Toshikisoejima” school now boasts around 450 students, a testament to Toshiki’s influence and dedication to his craft.

Toshiki Soejima stands not only as a musician but as an educator, shaping the future of Japan’s music scene with each chord and melody. His commitment to Neo-Soul not only enriches his students but also adds a unique flavor to Japan’s musical tapestry, making him a pivotal figure in the genre’s growth and popularity in the region.

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