Joe Bel

Joe Bel born in Grenoble, France, a small city at the foot of the mountains, and was raised with a cosmopolitan family scattered all over the world, and especially in the United States. She was studying history of arts and literature when one day, she suddenly woke up feeling like it was time to quit everything to dedicate her time and life to music.

Then she started writing, composing and arranging the songs that came up to her mind all those years. Joe has been composing music since she was 12 years old, mostly with an old synthesizer. She prefers to use spontaneous ideas and improvisation to develop her songs, searching for true words and true things, not overthinking it too much.

The results of this are sincere songs, full of passion, with shades of pop, soul and hip hop. The inspiration to create her songs are Joe’s emotions, depending on what she is feeling and therefore, what she is living. Bel’s first acoustic EP “In the City”, released in 2012, received very positive and optimistic reviews in France, and includes 3 tracks.

Joe Bel

She also gave her first concert in this same year, alone with only her guitar, and very shy with the public at the beginning. She was revealed to the general public with the film “All to be Happy” by Cyril Gelblat. In 2015 her second EP “Hit the Roads” saw the public light, with 4 songs to enjoy, and very intense rhythms.

In this EP she went deeper inside her, it was an opportunity to bring to life all the ideas she went hiding for years. Finally, her first album “Dreams” was released in October, 2018, alongside the Canadian musician and producer Marcus Paquin in Montreal. This album includes 9 titles.

Her influences are Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and Fela Kuti, to mention a few. Joe’s music style combines soul, pop, and afro beat. She has a weird but amazing ability to get involve as much in the melody as in the rhythm. This passionate and dedicated singer has all the skills to become a big star.

On July 2020 Joe’s released an electronic version of the song “No, No” by Antis.

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