10 Cuban Musicians Everyone Needs to Know

Celebrating the Vibrant Legacy of Cuban Music Artists: A Journey Through Rhythm and Culture

Cuban music, with its rich heritage and vibrant rhythms, has captivated audiences worldwide for decades. Among the plethora of genres that have emerged from this island nation, such as son cubano, salsa, and mambo, the contributions of Cuban music artists have been instrumental in shaping the global music scene. 

Discovering the heart and soul of Cuba through its music is like embarking on a journey through a land of rhythmic melodies and captivating beats. The island’s musical landscape is adorned with talented Cuban artists whose music not only reflects the essence of Cuban culture but also resonates with music lovers around the globe. From the pioneering sounds of legendary figures to the innovative beats of contemporary famous Cuban bands, the influence of Cuban artists on the music world is undeniable.

As we delve into the world of Cuban artists’ music, we encounter a rich tapestry of sounds that speak of tradition, innovation, and the universal language of music. These artists, with their diverse styles and genres, showcase the depth and diversity of Cuban music. Their contributions have not only enriched the cultural heritage of Cuba but have also bridided a bridge between different cultures, bringing people together through the power of music.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the genre, exploring the works of these famous Cuban musicians is a journey worth taking. Their music offers a glimpse into the soul of Cuba, a country with a profound musical legacy that continues to inspire and influence artists across the globe. Join us as we celebrate the artistry and impact of these remarkable musicians, whose talent and passion for music have made them icons of Cuban culture.

Meet the Icons: 10 Cuban Musicians Who Changed the World

1. Sweet Lizzy Project

Lisset Díaz, Miguel Damas, Angel Millet, Alejandro Gonzáles and Wilfredo Gatell are the marvelous musicians that conform this indie project. With a brand new focus, the band has a unique style of pop-rock, with a mix between Latin roots and colorful touches of alternative pop. “Heaven” was their first album, released in 2015, and now their second album “Technicolor” has been released this year.

2. X Alfonso

This instrumentalist, singer and composer from Havana, has a long trajectory in the music industry, starting his professional career in 1990. With uncountable experiences, the first solo album of the artist “Mundo Real” got released in 1999 and followed by many other albums. Nowadays, Alfonso’s new album “Inside” is upcoming this 2020, full of the music style that the musician domains, using alternative rock, hip hop, electronic sounds and Afro-Cuban pop.

3. Interactivo Cuba

In 2001 this project started by the hand of Roberto Carcassés, who joined several music personalities from Havana, and formed with them a great band of musicians that has revolutionized the Cuban music industry. ‘Timba-funk’, a mix of funk and Cuban timba, hip-hop, afro-cuban jazz, soul, and rap are some of the components to the band’s style. Their debut album “Goza Pepillo” was released in 2005.


4. Eduardo Ramos & Más con Menos

What started as a solo percussionist project by Eduardo Ramos, evolved to the known ‘Más con Menos’ band, a mix of Cuban musicians and music styles which doesn’t have a defined genre yet, but more a fusion of sounds among jazz, rock, timba, electronic touches and of course traditional Cuban music. “Contratiempo” was released in 2019 and is the debut album of the band.

5. Toques del Río

An aggrupation formed in 2002, based on the alternative Cuban rhythms, using its folk roots to spread the message of culture and national identity worldwide. “Pá Que Te Sosiegues”, the debut album from the group, was released in 2017, and mixes a harmonic sound with the piano, bass, guitar and percussion, that blends the fusion of reggae, conga, funk and Latin American genres.

6. Cimafunk

Erick Iglesias Rodríguez or Cimafunk, his artistic name, result of the combination of ‘cimarrón’ (maroon in English) and funk, Erick’s favorite genres. Singer, composer and musical producer, Cimafunk released his debut album “Terapia” in 2017, using funk, Cuban genres, and electronic touches to create his style. “Caliente” featuring The Soul Rebels and Tarriona “Tank” Ball is the most recent single of the artist.


7. William Vivanco

Singer and composer, an artist born in Santiago de Cuba (1975), whose style goes from blues to rap and reggae, adding energetic sounds and rebel lyrics, all fused into very enjoyable and danceable melodies. Started with his debut album “Lo tengo to pensao” in 2002, followed by another couple of albums, and now with the most recent one “Trece con magia” in 2019 including the single “Bailarina”.

8. Los Aldeanos

A duet from Havana, conformed by Bian Rodríguez and Aldo Rodríguez, a couple of rappers that has gone far with their music and most important, with their word. Oriented to the hip hop and rap style, they started with this duet in 2003, same year where the debut album “Censurado” was released, followed the next years by many more albums. Their rap is a politic and of consciousness, full of real lyrics.

9. Telmary & HabanaSana

Telmary Díaz, a Cuban musician and rapper with a great trajectory, accompanied by her aggrupation HabanaSana, comformed by feminine artists, are the talents behind “Fuerza Arará”, an album released in 2018 and nominated for a Latin Grammy. Leaded by the Cuban rap, hip hop and alternative styles, they have solidified their name and place in the Cuban and international music industry.

10. Daymé Arocena

A musical prodigy, a charismatic and talented woman, words that define this Afro-Cuban singer dedicated to the music since she was very young. Her powerful voice goes along with the jazz style and Cuban traditional music that she performs, beginning in 2015 with an EP “The Havana Culture Sessions”, followed by the debut album “Nueva Era”, she now has her most recent and third album “Sonocardiogram” released in 2019.


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