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Sahej Bakshi, or as we know him, Dualist Inquiry, is a music producer, performing artist and composer, multi-instrumentalist but mostly guitarist and music entrepreneur from Delhi, India, who currently works with Dualism Records. He started playing the guitar at the age of 9, and grew up under the influences of David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and other artists of the ’90s and ‘80s, Sahej felt saturated from all the Indian music and movies around him, so it wasn’t very fan of it at that time. In the actuality he has a better bond with its culture origins, and finds inspiration in it. Bakshi graduated from the Thornton Music School in Los Angeles, and co-founded Boxout.fm, which is an online radio station from India that is dedicated to alternative, and new music.

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Dualist has participated as the supporting act for international artists like David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, to mention a few, and has also performed at festivals, between them the Berlin Music Week (2010), and the Great Escape Festival (2011). His debut EP named “Dualism” was released in 2011 and included 4 tracks, and in 2013 he surprised us with his official first album “Doppelganger”, which included 9 tracks and achieved a good level with the fans.

Taking advantage of the already well earned success from the past releases, “Natural Disasters”, the second EP from the artist, saw the public light in 2014, counting with 4 track, and also in the same year we had the single “Lumina”. In 2016 he came back with a new album, the second one of his career, “Dreamcatcher”, with 12 tracks, and being defined as ‘the sound of my return to myself’ by Dualist itself. For 2018 Sahej has released some singles as “Mayday”, “Fever Dream” and a collaboration with Sanchal Malhar named “You & Me”, this one also counts with its own EP that includes the remixes of the song.

Today, Dualist Inquiry is known for his unique and undefined music style, blending genres into his electronic root, and some sparks of his Indian heritage, to create something not only different to the electronic industry, but to the Indian music too. He definitely has his path through the music under the control of his heart’s and passion’s desires.

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