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Our rising stars Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn, are the ones who creates the music, style and very own brand of Pomplamoose, a very dynamic musical duet from the United States, formed in 2008. They started by selling at least 100.000 or more songs online, and creating content on Youtube and MySpace, reaching more than … Read more

Sofia Ellar

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A purely authentic artist with an incredible potential to keep exploring and showing it to the world, Sofia Ellar, whose real name is Sofia Lecubarri and Ruigómez, was born in 1993 in the United Kingdom, but raised in Spain. That turned her into a bilingual singer, with pieces both in Spanish and English. Since an … Read more

Mike Shinoda

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Recognized by his band Linkin Park, and side-project Fort Minor, comes now to prove his great value as a soloist, with an amazing talent, passion and creativity driven by his deepest feelings and right from his heart. Michael Kenji Shinoda was born in 1977, is a multi-instrumentalist, musician, singer, rapper, music producer and graphic designer, … Read more


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Eleazar ‘Joshué’ Arias was born in Venezuela. This singer/songwriter, music composer, pianist, arranger, musical director and producer, began to feel passion for music when he was 8 years old, supported by the people around him to take his first steps participating in musical contests. Years later he moved to Caracas (Venezuela’s capital state) to learn … Read more


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Ileana Cabra (iLe as her artistic name) is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who grew up with a family of artists, most of them with music and acting skills, including two of her brothers: Residente and Visitante, musicians famous for their work. Ileana started singing since she was a little girl, also learning to … Read more

Andrea Lacoste

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The Venezuelan singer Andrea Lacoste, is a creative, honest and polyglot artist. She is also a translator interpreter graduated from Modern Languages, and she studied musical production in Mexico. Andrea has always been a big fan of 80’s music, including artists like Animotion and New Order. Later, between different trips and removals, she lived in … Read more

X Ambassadors

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X Ambassadors Ithaca, New York-based X Ambassadors make passionate, dark, electronic-based pop centered around the throaty, soulful vocals of Sam Harris. Formed in 2009, X Ambassadors originally featured Harris’ keyboardist brother Casey Harris, childhood friend/guitarist Noah Feldshuh, and drummer Adam Levin. Initially calling themselves Ambassadors, they released a self-titled EP in 2009. To the bandmembers’ … Read more


Vasudeva is an instrumental rock band from New Jersey. Formed out of a lasting high school friendship, the tight-knit trio creates seemingly effortless, beautifully dynamic soundscapes, locked in by a firm backdrop of unrelenting grooves, while drawing on their post-rock, ambient, lo-fi, and electronic forms all in equal measure. Written from late 2014 to late 2015 … Read more

Thirty Seconds to Mars

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Commonly written as 30 Seconds to Mars, a rock band from North America, most specifically, Los Angeles, California (USA), in 1998. The band originally started with only two members, the brothers Jared and Shannon Leto.  With Jared in charge of the lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and Shannon in charge of the drums and percussion. … Read more


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Nazca To meet folk and tribal songs, Nazca gives his pop melodies a wild and organic look: raw, sometimes warlike, percussions that clash with crystalline voices, whose clever harmonies mingle with the ukulele and the sound layers of the keyboard . A paradoxical blend between sweetness and power, an impression of life, of “naissance”, of … Read more