Marwa Loud

Marwa Outamghart is the name of our outstanding French singer/rapper, originative from Strasbourg and born in December, 1996. Marwa is known for being an urban pop, urban dance, French rap and R&B artist. The star of Moroccan roots left school at an early age to dedicate all her time to the music, starting by recording a delightful version of “Bella” (song by Maitre Gims). There is when she decides to really put effort on her professional career and goes to Bruselas, where she met Lartiste, who discovered the talent of Marwa and instantly asked her to join to his label, Purple Money.

In 2015 she released an independent single called “Ce Soir”, two years later the singles “Tu peux parier” and “Mehdi” saw the public light, both of them went viral on Youtube and became new hits of summer across French, European and North-African music radio stations.

Taking advantage of her increasing success she decides to release her first solo album on March, 2018, simply named “Loud”, which was certified gold just a few weeks after being launched. This album includes 16 titles, among them her before mentioned hits, and some more like “Bad Boy” and “Je voulais” featuring Laguardia. Marwa describes the album as a combination of her urban style and her own personal essence. “My Life”, her second album, was released in 2019 including 17 titles, counting with the singles “T’es où?”, “Oh la folle”, “Bah Ouais” and “Tell me”.

After a couple of singles “Mytho” and “Ça va aller” released in 2020, Loud comes back in 2021 with her third album “Again”, which includes 19 titles within the singles “Allez les gros” (featuring Naza), “Allo” and “Bimbo” (featuring Moha K). The latest Marwa’s work counts with 7 collaborations, plays with a diversity of sounds and beats, representing a step out of Loud’s comfort zone. 

The singer/rapper pieces make people move and dance at the rhythm of the music, as well as it takes you into a chill vibe of joy and fun.

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