Aïnah, “the source” in Hebrew, is the meeting of the singular and ardent voice of Anna Jouan, a singer/songwriter, with the amazing Haykel Skouri, who plays the orchestra role in the group and makes the arranges. Aïnah blends the elements of chamber music, pop baroque, world music and neo soul, they draw its influences in a poetic and percussive language.

The project members say that their songs speak about identity, questioning about existence, nature, and love, of course. The Aïnah group is independent, which means without a record company.

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They released their first EP under the name of “Avec les loups”, in December, 2018. It includes 5 titles, in French, straight out of their big imagination and ready to be recorded in studio. They finished the pre-mock-ups in January, which they sent to the great Quebec musician Peter Henry Phillips waiting in Saint Adrien, Canada, to record and arrange their first EP in his studio, from the 20th to April 30th 2018.

Between the titles of the EP we can find “Avec les loups”, as the name of it, “Zéphyr”, “La nuit tu me manges” and others. The text in French seeks the essential, the sound is the vector without limit, without kind, the trip is total.

The EP was simmered at Studio Le Nid, Quebec, and is released with Label Étiquette. Its influences are My Brightest Diamond, Emily Loizeau, Ella Fitzgerald and some other great artists.

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