Jamesty is a musical group that likes to mix jazz, funk and soul rhythms with the roots of reggae. Dealing with a variety of themes or committed to human or social values, Jamesty is inspired by their rhythms and melodies to compose. Because sharing messages, the pleasure of playing and expressing oneself on stage is the main motivation of the group.

Always in search of new sounds and harmonies, the group refuses to lock itself into a unique musical style and continues its search for other musical universes.

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It is in their first EP “We Are Great”, recorded live in the studio, where Jamesty invites you to immerse yourself in a musical journey, with multiple tunes. It is available on all streaming platforms. This work was done in cooperation with a film crew. Each title is therefore available on YouTube with its visual. Jamesty now aspires to share his universe with the public. From now on, in the composition of their first album, the band only has one idea in mind: to make concerts.

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