Our rising stars Jack Conte and Natalie Dawn, are the ones who creates the music, style and very own brand of Pomplamoose, a very dynamic musical duet from the United States, formed in 2008. They started by selling at least 100.000 or more songs online, and creating content on Youtube and MySpace, reaching more than 400.000 subscribers on Youtube and millions of views, a content that these artists call “Videosongs”, and also several recreated versions of other popular and classic songs. We can even see that they have participated on the soundtracks of television commercials for Toyota and Hyundai.

Both multi-instrumentalists, have walked a very long path on the world of the internet and digital music. Jack Conte is a musician, singer and songwriter, entrepreneur, CEO and cofounder of Patreon. On the other hand, Natalie Knutsen, his wife and partner, is a singer and songwriter, who has released by herself some albums and collaborations with other artists.

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Pomplamoose’s first album was released in 2009, under the name of “Pomplamoose VideoSongs”, then, in 2010 they surprised us with another album named “Tribute to Famous People”. “Hey, it’s Pomplamoose” saw the public light in 2012, and “Pomplamoose Season 2” did it too in 2014. Their album “Besides” (2015), came before a Christmas special album released in 2018.

After all this, they have been very active on Youtube, publishing a lot of very stunning and with Pomplamoose very own touch covers and mashups. But we can also enjoy from some recent original songs like “It’s like your always on my mind”, “Shoopty Doowop” and “Who Cares” in 2019.

Classified as “shotguns creators” by their own words, this duet has been creating a music revolution on the internet, with a new and unique style of production, making a whole different experience for the listeners and followers, showing up to the world their process. Pomplamoose are an independent couple, following a variety of music genres, with the particular flavor of what the grapefruit which its name is inspired in, has.

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