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Considered as one of the most remarkable uprising French stars, a young man full of passion and talent for the music industry internationally, Matthieu Tota (also known before as Matt Pokora), was born in Strasbourg, France (in 1985) and has Polish roots. He is an actor, dancer, singer and composer, whose career has been a long way full of success, positioning himself as the big outstanding musician we know today. Guided by his older brother who’s a guitarist, Matthieu developed a love for music, being introduced to the R&B genre. This powerful love leaded him to form a band named ‘Mic Unity’, which represented his start at the music career. After the band experience, Matthieu goes for a solo career to explore and deepen his potential and own vision of art.

To begin his journey Pokora releases his first album “M. Pokora” (12 tracks) in 2004, an album leaded by the hip hop/pop with the influence of R&B and touches of swing. Two years later his second album came out, “Player” (12 tracks), this one following the same genres and influences but adding some rhythm and blues. In 2008, “MP3” (14 tracks and 3 different editions) saw the public light, the opus gave Matthieu an international acknowledge also releasing an English version entitled “Upgrade”. “Mise à jour” (14 tracks) was released in 2010 as the fourth album of the artist.

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A couple of years later, “À la poursuite du Bonheur” (15 tracks) came out, this one became his most popular until the moment in France, brushing a smoother soul-pop sound. The albums “R.E.D” (2015 with 15 tracks) and “My Way” (2016 with 12 tracks, including the singles “Alexandrie, Alexandra”, “Cette année-là” and “Belinda”) were his following works. Pokora’s most recent album “Pyramide”, released in 2019 (16 tracks and 24 tracks within the deluxe version), is marked as a comeback after some years of absence by the artist. A year later the single “Si on disait” was released, defined as a slow, deep and meaningful piece. Most recently, the single “S’en aller” (late 2020) came out, a refreshing sound with pop airs and modern beats.

Someone as Matthieu isn’t easy to find, such a gift used with versatility, going from hard and delicate feelings due to past experiences, to incredible, joyful and danceable songs, playing with hip-hop, crunk, urban, Eurodance, house, and mixing it with R&B, blues and pop sounds, creating something different, something unique and remarkable.   

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