Guillaume Poncelet

Hola there, 

In the months where we were forced to stay at home, many people found a way to connect with themselves.

I want to share with you this great musician, I had the opportunity to meet him in person at a rehearsal at @studiosoulI in Paris, his musical creation transmitted from his very cool personality…


During the months of lockdown, like many of us, I found myself in front of a mirror wondering what I was going to do all this time with the person I saw in front of me. Outside, ordinary life had stopped and everyone had to reinvent their daily lives. I was not very original, my laptop screen quickly became my window on the world, and my main source of inspiration. My studio was my haven of peace, isolated from the world and its problems, like when I was a child and locked myself in my room for hours to play on my little electronic keyboard and look for my first melodies. Haven, that’s the refuge, when physical escape is not possible, you escape into yourself.

These 5 songs are the result of those calm days when nothing seemed to happen in my neighborhood.

by Guillaume Poncelet

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