C4 Trio

This Venezuelan group, conformed by Héctor Molina (composer and ‘cuatro’ player from Mérida, Venezuela), Jorge Glem (‘cuatro’ and mandolin player, arranger, composer and music producer born in Sucre, Venezuela), Edward Ramírez (musician and ‘cuatro’ player, from Caracas, Venezuela) and Rodner Padilla (from Falcón, Venezuela), the current bassist of the aggrupation.

The beginning of this group comes with the international competition “La Siembra del Cuatro”, by Cheo Hurtado, where the ‘cuatro’ players trio, were invited to perform individually in 2005, alongside another ‘cuatro’ player named Rafael Martínez. During the performance the musicians took the determination of starting to play in duos, trios, and quartet to conclude the concert. In that moment, the performers saw the potential of mixing their talent, and created this now successful group.

In 2006 they officially emerged as C4 TRIO, debuting with their first album, “C4 TRIO”, which included 13 tracks and the participation of other important musicians as Rafael “Pollo” Brito, Adolfo Herrera and Zeneida Rodríguez, to mention a few. This album opened their path in the music industry taking them to music festivals, concerts all over the country (Venezuela), and many other opportunities.

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Their second album, “Entre Manos”, released in 2009, is composed by 11 tracks. Years later, in 2012, the group joined with the singer Gualberto Ibarreto, to create a new album, “Gualberto + C4” (including 10 tracks), which was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. A year later their collaboration with Rafael “Pollo” Brito, an album entitled “De Repente”, saw the public light, and was also nominated and winner of a Latin Grammy Award.

Following the success of collaborations, in 2016 “Pa’ Fuera ”, another album from C4 with the band ‘Public Disorder’, came out, including 12 tracks. Fusing Caribbean and Venezuelan rhythms, the album has a fresh touch that makes it enjoyable. Working with ‘Public Disorder’ gave some new aknowledge of reggae and rock to the C4 TRIO musicians. Their most recent album “Tiempo al Tiempo”, co-created with Luis Enrique, is composed by 9 titles, including the single “Añoranza”, inspired on the musicians’ roots.

C4 TRIO is an aggrupation that takes the folkloric rhythms of Venezuela and Latin America to a next level, taking the marvelous sound of the ‘cuatro’ to new borders, and experimenting with all the possible ways to work with it.

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