An electronic music duo right from Manchester, England, conformed by Lou Rhoes, (Louise Ann Rhodes) a gifted singer/songwriter who also plays the guitar and cello, and Andy Barlow, a very skilled composer, musician and producer.

This duo has been on the music industry for more than 20 years now, starting in the mid 90’s by signing with Mercury Records and releasing their first album in 1996 “Lamb” which included the singles “Cotton Wool”, “Gold”, “God Bless” and the most popular “Górecki”, an amazing single that was used for a Guinness advertisement and a Tomb Rider: Underworld video game advertisement, as well as for the ‘Mouling Rouge!’ movie, where some lyrics of the song were used for one scene of the motion picture.

Lamb’s second album “Fear of Fours” was released in 1999, and included 14 titles, the singles “B Line”, “All in Your Hands” and “Softly” among them. “What Sound”, the third album from the group saw the public light in 2001, this one included the hit “Gabriel”. Then, a fourth album followed, “Between Darkness and Wonder” in 2003 (11 titles were included). In 2005, the duo announced a break to explore their individual projects, closing with some concerts in Amsterdam.

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Years later the musicians came back together and released a new album entitles “5”, in representation of being their fifth album. “Backspace Unwind” is the name of the sixth album that we know from this musicians, this one includes 11 titles. Now, Lamb’s most recent album “The Secret of Letting Go”, is available since 2019 with the singles “Illumina” and “Armageddon Waits”. On February 2020 Lamb’s released his single “People on the Same Way” (feat. Lee Ye Rin).

Electronic genre is the base of Lamb’s sound, but they add influences of trip hop, dub, breakbeat, drum and bass, and some touches of other genres like jazz, acoustic and folk. This music mix creates the particular sound of Lamb, which cannot be compared to any other one because of its melody complexity and vocal contrast.

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