Tiwayo is a bohemian singer/songwriter, guitarist and autodidact from Paris, who started his musical education at home, learning to play the guitar at the age of 16. He developed a penchant for the reggae, hip-hop, rock and soul, combining them to create his own musical style.

It began to integrate different formations, becoming noticed and appreciated by a lot of musicians, that recognized him for his skills and natural talent. At his 20, he traveled to the United States, and returned changed, inspired; transformed into a complete new person. In 2010, with his already strong desire of work on its personal project, he arranged his compositions on his home studio.

Tiwayo got in touch with the bass player Thierry Negro, to collaborate with him on the project, and to help to pull his music up. In 2015 was released Tiwayo’s first EP named “Tiwayo”, as his own name.


This EP includes 5 titles, between them one of his first and most known singles “Wild”. Two years later he contacted Mark Neill to help him with his first album. After two months, he recorded sixteen tracks in the southern United States.

Finally, in January (2019), he launched his first album called “The Gypsy Soul of Tiwayo”, counting with 12 tracks, among them “Love Me Like You Say”, “Winter Shades” and “A Place to Call My Own”. It was also released a vinyl version of the album. “The Gipsy Soul of Tiwayo” is the result of ten years of musical, vocal and personal research, reaching exactly the sound the artist wanted. This album is a mix of gospel, reggae, and soul that makes his own way into the people’s heart, with an aura of peace, and a very original style.

Some of Tiwayo’s influences are Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Janis Joplin to mention a few. Throughout his career, he has opened for artists like Sting, Seal, Marcus Miller, and others. He also signed a record deal with the legendary Blue Note label.

This growing singer, whose voice was formed during the sleepless nights and performances in the metro, on the roads in the United States, in France and in Europe, has his spiritual and creative roots in the deep south of America.



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