Saïan Supa Crew

SAIAN SUPA CREW was a French hip-hop group that formed in the late 1990s and was active until 2007. They were known for their unique blend of classic hip-hop and more experimental sounds, incorporating elements of funk, soul, and reggae into their music. They released several albums throughout their career and gained a dedicated fanbase both in France and internationally.

The group was composed of several members, including Foda C, KDD, and Sly Johnson. Their lyrics often addressed social and political issues, and they were known for their energetic and politically-charged live performances. Their style was often described as raw and authentic, with a focus on live instrumentation and live performances.


SAIAN SUPA CREW’s discography was marked by a continuous experimentation and a constant search for new sounds. They were always at the forefront of the French hip-hop scene, pushing the boundaries of the genre and incorporating diverse influences from different cultures and music. Their albums were widely acclaimed by critics and awarded with several prizes.

One of the most notable things about SAIAN SUPA CREW was their ability to connect with their audience, both through their lyrics and live performances. They had a unique way of communicating with their fans, which helped them to build a loyal fanbase.

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