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Rest is the title of the most recent production of French actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, which was released in mid-November 2017 by the Because label Music. According to the web editorial dedicated to independent music,, this album is among the 50 best last year occupying the number 11 on its list, and it is not surprising, because among the specialized critics it has been very well received obtaining grades of 8/10.

So, if you ask yourself what was the formula of Gainsbourg (daughter) for such a success, well, she chose to form a team with two great figures in French production and music: Sebastian, recognized thanks to his work with Frank Ocean; and Guy-Manuel from Homem Christ, member of Daft Punk, and thus recover the famous French Touch. 

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The recording process was marked by the transfer of Gainsbourg and her entire family to NY. Nearby sources claim that she was looking to escape Parisian ghosts of the alleged suicide of his sister, the photographer Kate Barry, and the death of his father, the idol of French music, Serge Gainsbourg. As a kind of catharsis, Rest’s intimate character outlines the feelings of anger and of pain before death. And while the duel is perceived, Gainsbourg also addresses other topics such as the submission of the woman or the spiritual confinement. It also uses the word game, typical in French, and the stylistic mark of his father, the whispered voice, to take us through his lyrics.

The songs Rest and Deadly Valentine, were promoted as singles. Their respective videos were directed by Charlotte Gainsbourg herself.

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