Ojo de Buey

Ojo de Buey started as a group of friends who shared a love of live performance. The band’s unique name, inspired by the “Ojo de Buey” seed, a symbol of good luck familiar to many childhoods in Costa Rica, reflects their playful spirit.

With reggae as their foundation, Ojo de Buey seamlessly blends elements of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Latin influences, and a touch of rock’n roll to create a fresh and upbeat sound. Their compositions feature uplifting lyrics and an inviting energy that encourages movement.

Ojo de Buey

In August 2010, the band began recording their first album in a house in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica, a place where they were able to capture their true essence. After ten days of recording and living together, the process continued in Los Angeles, where several details were polished and wind instrument recordings were added.

The mixing and mastering were also done in Los Angeles, resulting in a professional sound that still maintains the raw energy of the band’s performance. “Sabor en un tiempo cruel” features twelve tracks, marking the start of a musical journey.

Since their debut, Ojo de Buey has released several more albums, including “Repelente Pal’ Dolor” in 2013, “Seguir Sumando” in 2017, and “Sabor en un tiempo cruel” in 2011. Each album showcases the band’s unique sound, blending reggae with various other musical influences to create a fusion of styles that is all their own. Whether you’re a fan of reggae, Latin music, or just good old-fashioned rock and roll, Ojo de Buey is sure to have something for you.

With their eclectic fusion of sounds, Ojo de Buey is a band to watch and discover.

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