MOSHUP is a solo artist project that creates R&B-electropop music with heavy elements of dance, electronica, futurefunk, and trap. The sound of MOSHUP is distinctive, with hybrid drums being the main signature that can be found in every track. These drums are created by blending real drums with synthetic sounds, resulting in a unique sound that sets MOSHUP apart from other artists.

The mastermind behind MOSHUP is the music producer Jordie Guzman; a musician who has been in the industry for over 20 years. Despite constantly producing and touring for other artists worldwide, he always knew that he would eventually start releasing his own music. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that he had the opportunity to focus on his solo project.

MOSHUP’s sound is a distilled pure extract of all the music that the artist has been exposed to throughout his career. He subtracts the elements he doesn’t want while keeping whatever moves him. The result is a sound that reflects the artist’s chaotic/artistic/freeing mindset.

MOSHUP music

The music writing process for MOSHUP begins with the artist consuming a lot of music and art to get into the right mindset. Once he starts writing music, his first goal is to come up with four good bars of music that groove and inspire him. Only then does he start writing lyrics. The artist lets the song be whatever it wants to be without forcing ideas.

The artist records out of his studio in Hong Kong, which provides him with the freedom to create without distraction.

MOSHUP’s music has resonated well with people, and the artist is honored to see it find its audience. In 2022, the artist was honored by the Consulate of the Dominican Republic in Hong Kong for his contributions to art in foreign lands. He was also featured on the cover of Hashtag Legend Magazine as one of the top five most influential independent artists in Hong Kong, in a collaboration with Lamborghini and Onitsuka Tiger.


MOSHUP’s music has also gained recognition in the form of awards. The artist’s first No.1 single, “Sparkling Wine,” which he released with Alex Lam and Robynn Yip, was nominated for the Tone Music Awards 2023.

Although MOSHUP was born during the pandemic years, the artist is eager to bring his sound to the stage with a full band. He has a lot of music lined up for release in the coming months to keep extending MOSHUP’s catalog.

MOSHUP’s sound has anchor points that keep it true to itself, but the rest is very fluid. The artist has been doing many collaborations in his recent releases, and these collaborations interest him a lot. Each collaborator brings their lifelong experiences into the song, creating something unique that could only be created at that moment by those people.


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