Camila Di Marzo


Camila Di Marzo is a multifaceted creative, DJ, and entrepreneur with a passion for music, design, photography, health and wellness, and personal growth. Born and raised in Venezuela, Camila graduated from Graphic Design …

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Horacio Blanco

Horacio Blanco Venezuela

[language-switcher] The singer Horacio Blanco from Venezuela presented a sneak peek of Fresh, his first solo album. Accompanied by musicians who accompany him on his new adventure, Horacio held a listening session where …

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C4 Trio

music review

This Venezuelan group, conformed by Héctor Molina (composer and ‘cuatro’ player from Mérida, Venezuela), Jorge Glem (‘cuatro’ and mandolin player, arranger, composer and music producer born in Sucre, Venezuela), Edward Ramírez (musician and …

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guaco band venezuela

Guaco is a Venezuelan band that has been active since the 1970s. They are known for their unique blend of Latin American rhythms and styles, including salsa, merengue, and gaita (regional music of …

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