Sofia Ellar

A purely authentic artist with an incredible potential to keep exploring and showing it to the world, Sofia Ellar, whose real name is Sofia Lecubarri and Ruigómez, was born in 1993 in the United Kingdom, but raised in Spain. That turned her into a bilingual singer, with pieces both in Spanish and English. Since an early age, Sofia grew a love and affection for music, and as a passionate hobby, she developed a great talent writing poetry.

Ellar graduated with a degree in Business administration, this became a super relevant aspect in her life and career, because Sofia is not only a high quality artist, but also her own manager, producer, composer, editor and global boss, with her project ‘SOFIA ELLAR S.L’, which is a product of her degree thesis. Her professional career started in 2015, when she started to release music by herself.

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Seis peniques”, Sofia’s first album, saw the public light in 2017 composed by 12 titles, is a recompilation of the several amount of singles that Sofia released before, like “Segundas Partes entre Suicidas”, “G&t’s”, “Mundos” and “Amor de Anticuario”, to mention a few. A year later, the second album of the artist came out, named “Nota en Do”, with 12 titles, including “Serenatas Baratas”, “Fiesta en mi Duna” and “A Spanish Little Place”.

As a bonus, we have more singles released by its own, “Humanidad en Paro”, “Bañarnos en Vaqueros”, “Si es Roma Amor”, “Cenas que Acaban en Juerga” and more. Her most recent singles are “Barrer a Casa” ft. Alvaro Soler, and “De Sastre” the first single that opens the path to her third upcoming album.

We found ourselves in front of a complete artist which focuses on her influence and message over the public, followers and fans. Her music, career style self managed, and lifestyle is a symbol of her inside view of the world. She’s not only a musician, singer and guitarist with talent, but with a word power used to contribute her grain of sand. Sofia’s music style can’t be pigeonholed, but we can find alternative pop/rock and folk, mixed with an organic harmonized voice, and emotional personal lyrics.

Versatile songs, deep thoughts, passion, positivism and effort are what Sofia Ellar has to give.

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