Oxmo Puccino

This French rapper from Ségou, Malí, was born in 1974 and his real name is Abdoulaye Diarra. He began with the rap genre around his 11 years old, and started to practice it at the age of 13. Since then, his passion for the rap did not stop. Counting with several years of career, he has forged a big audience without limits of age, people that enjoy the meaning of his words and the feeling of his music over anything else. At his 21 years old, his musical career starts by joining to the rap collective Time Bomb, and in 1996 made his debut with “Pucc. Fiction”.

In 1998, Oxmo became known to the general public by releasing “Mama Lova”, a hymn dedicated to his mother, and also signing a contract with the Virgin record company which gives him the opportunity of releasing his first solo album entitled “Ópera Puccino”, after the original Time Bomb got separated.

Oxmo Puccino

Puccino made a lot of collaborations with different artists, the next we know in 2001, is that he releases his second album “L’amour Est Mort”. In 2004, “Le Cactus de Sibérie” was launched to continue Oxmo’s path on the music industry and upgrade his status at it.

There is when he decides to create a concept album of jazz with the group The Jazzbastards, under the name “Lipopette Bar”, which tells the story of Lipopette Bar, and its team, inspired by black films. His following works, “L’Arme de Paix” (2009), “Roi sans carrosse” (2012), and “La Voix Lactée” (2015), were all well received by the public and critics, granting the musician merits for his dedication.

His latest album, “La nuit du réveil”, recently released on September, 2019, undoubtedly makes a difference to the artist, creates a balance for him, “because there is no light without darkness“, he explains. Oxmo values the power of words, the impact they may have, so it treats them carefully and tries to model them to the style of his music and thoughts.

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