Nina Attal

French singer, guitarist and composer, with a masterly voice and an undeniable born talent with the guitar, Nina Attal has conquered us since 2009 when she won 5 prizes at the ‘Tremplin National Blues sur Seine’ and started her professional music journey, working with artists like Fred Chapellier, Boney Fields or Lucky Peterson. Learning and listening, she collected from the blues clubs of Paris some of the knowledge that currently use into her own music.

In 2010 she took the first step into her legacy releasing her first EP “Urgency” composed by 5 titles. Continuing, in 2011 the release of her first album came up, “Yellow 6/17”, that included 12 titles, while touring all around France, Germany, Benelux and Canada during 4 years.

Nina Attal

Nina’s second album “Wha”, saw the public light in 2014, part of it was recorded in France, and a couple of songs had the collaboration of Jerry Barnes. Our singer’s second EP “Verso” (with 5 titles) was released in 2016, accompanied by a tour during this same year.

The third album of the artist, and also the most personal one, “JUMP”, came out in 2018, conformed by 12 titles, this album talks more about Nina’s family history, dreams and struggles that a woman can have, as well as subjects that deeply concern her, and her shyness.

If we need to describe in words the music style of this artist, which is already difficult, it is correct to say that is full of power, feelings and passion, inspired on African-American music, using the soul, funk, blues, pop and hip hop to create the style that she’s constantly evolving and that represent her so well. Singing and writing in English and French, she is an indie musician worth to keep on track.

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