Flor Amargo

This Mexican artist who was been breaking through in the music industry is a soloist, composer, pianist and occasional guitarist, considered by many contests nationwide, as the best original Rock-pop-electro proposal. She studied classical piano at the National Conservatory of Music, at a very young age motivated by her mother. There’s when she acquires all her musical knowledge, both in composition and piano.

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She identifies herself as a pioneer of ‘Katartic-pop’, an attempt to combine the music passion and portal to express feelings to achieve catharsis, with an atmosphere that connects her in every emotion transmitted to her audience. Flor Amargo was the name of her band many years ago, but after that project ended, she started a journey through the world of record companies and radio stations.

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In 2010 she released her first album “Carrusel” which includes 10 tracks. She also participated at the show talent “La Voz: México” twice, and at “Vive Latino”. On 2016 her second album, “Espejo Crista, Vol.1“, which is sold only by digital platforms, is released.

Flor’s third album entitled “Tú y Yo, Todos Somos Flor Amargo”, which includes songs like “Loca“, “Pedro Infante“, “Que Yo te Amaba“, “Tú y Yo“, among others, was launched in 2017 independently by the singer. “Paranóica”, “Me Siento Bien” and “Nunca más” (released in 2018), are some of her most outstanding singles. Later in 2019 “Sin Maquillaje”, the fourth Amargo’s LP was released within the singles “Sandunga”, “EL MION” and “La Llorona”. During 2020 she released a series of singles like “Mexicana Yo Soy”, La Muerte”, “Fortuna”, “Cumbia de la Muerte” and “La Hija de la Luna”. As the fifth opus from our dear eccentric musician, we find “Tonantzin” (which includes 12 tracks and was released in 2021), as well as the sixth work of her career “Reina del Barrio” (late 2021) presented with the singles “Claudia”, “Casarme Contigo” and “La Rumbera”.

Flor Amargo interprets music with acoustic and circus tints; songs full of laughter, joys, sorrows and fears. She plays with cumbia, ska, alternative pop, classic piano and folklore to create that proper sound that reflects her roots, beliefs and essence.


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