Fanny Seï

Fanny Seï is a French author, composer and performer. Originally from Montpellier, she moved to Paris where she followed a 3-year professional training in musicalmente theatre. Guitarist, pianist, singer, she has been a subway musician for 4 years. It is with the group Les Ich, that she made her first steps on stage, and composed an EP that will not be released due to the separation of the group. After this, as her second step, she created the duo So Sage with Julie Costanza.

They ranked 8th in the “Olympia Competition” organised by RATP in 2017, and performed three evenings on the stage of the Festival Art Rock de Saint Brieuc in 2018. So Sage releases an EP for this occasion (guitar, percussion and vocals). Then, Fanny Seï started a solo EP project.

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To do this, the author Yanneck Monnier, joins to the project. He wrote the five texts on which Fanny composed the music. Julie Costanza, participates in the arrangements with Lorenzo Bassaletti, who also takes care of the recording and mixing. The musicians come from all walks of life (guitar, bass, percussion, drums, violin, brass) and Fanny creates a featuring with an emerging metro artist, Lidiop. On arrival we are in the presence of an acoustic EP with a dominant pop sound. The texts speak of the trials and joys of life, of an individualistic society, of hope.

All this creates a style of music that goes from rhythmic, to soft. Fanny’s very pretty voice brings a result full of relief and harmony. The EP will be released on September 26, 2019, in self-production and thanks to funds raised on Ulule, in the form of CDs and on all streaming and download platforms.

The release party took place on October 6th at the Disquaires in Paris. The release of a clip is scheduled for December 2019. Let’s hope that this EP will be a Prelude, (since that’s its name), to a great career. It could also have been called Huit fois debout, after the name of the first title, because it so clearly defines the personality of the artist in question.

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