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Arnaud Renaville (Drums), Jérémie Coke (Bass), Thomas Faure (Sax), Gael Cadoux (Keyboards), and James Copley (Vocals), are the extremely gifted and talented musicians that make up this amazing group Electro Deluxe. This musical jewel was discovered in 2001, its from France and started as a nu-jazz band. Is in 2002 when they met the Such Production label to begin their professional career on the studios. At the beginning this group had only 4 members, but in 2010 James Coplay, who was born in the United States and is known for his magnificent voice and energy, found the band and they decided he could bring more to their music and refine the path they wanted to take.

“Electro Deluxe” besides of creating exquisite music albums, has being famous for having one of the most electrical, energetic, stunning and full of passion performances, being with them in live is a complete pleasure to the senses.

Is here, at concerts, where the group has acquired its talent and strengthened its bond as a music family. They have already performed at various international jazz festivals, like International Festival of Montreal, The Cervantino Jazz Festival, to mention a few, and have reached a high recognition in others countries as China, India and Mexico.

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In 2005, finally their first album “Stardown” saw the public light, with a lot of creativity and melodic quality, with the very own sound of Electro Deluxe, it brings together 14 different artists as Cynthia Saint-Ville, the rapper I.M.O, Flavio Boltro, and others. To follow their success, in 2007 “Hopeful” was released, including 13 tracks. Then we have received the releases of “Play” (2010), “Home” (2013), and “Circle” (2016). They all count with their Big Band composed by 18 musicians.

The most recent work of this band, is called “Apollo”, which was released on October, 2019. This retro-futuristic album, is a mix of modern electro, funk, pop melodies, and a touch of 70s French groove. It counts with 14 titles, including the singles “Right Now” and “Sleepwalker”.

The influences of jazz, pop, electro, French style, and soul, are just a few of the components that creates the original sound of this popular and refreshing band, whose style is a bridge between past and present, making people dance and enjoy the vibrating melodies they do. Definitely they have well deserved its #1 position in the jazz charts.

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