Camila Di Marzo

Camila Di Marzo is a multifaceted creative, DJ, and entrepreneur with a passion for music, design, photography, health and wellness, and personal growth. Born and raised in Venezuela, Camila graduated from Graphic Design Business and started working in her career as a Creative Director while pursuing her modeling career. However, her passion for music and arts runs deep in her family, with her mother being an artist and her father being a famous musician, composer, and singer from Venezuela.

While still working as a creative director, Camila’s began taking DJ classes with various DJs in Caracas and Miami. Her passion for music grew as she started playing at friends’ parties and venues in Caracas, and when she moved to Miami, she continued to look for new places to play. Camila’s taste in music is versatile, as she specializes in house, deep house, afro house, organic house, groovy disco, and nu disco.

One of the hardest things in her career, according to Camila, is to read the audience and have an excellent collection of music, but her great taste in music has made her be where she is today. She loves to create an atmosphere and read the audience, playing at bars and restaurants to set the vibe, warm-up for parties or dance clubs, and perform at private and corporate events. Camila sees every gig as a lesson to learn, and she is always looking for new challenges to grow as a DJ.


Besides her music career, She is a a graphic designer and creative, specializing in branding. Currently, she works as a freelance creative director, helping different brands with their content and branding image. She also collaborates with an e-commerce agency located in Puerto Rico that specializes in e-mail marketing and Shopify, allowing her to keep learning and growing.

Is also an entrepreneur, working on a project with two wonderful women that will merge many of her passions. The project aims to provide people with tools to heal themselves, elevate their vibrations, work with their power to grow and thrive, and create the lives they deserve. His passion for health and wellness stems from her belief that health is everything we have, and taking care of ourselves and our well-being is crucial.

Camila’s sees every obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn, and her passion for music, design, and personal growth keeps her moving forward.

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