Anna Leya

Anna Leya is a Swedish musician currently based in Paris, with her unique and characteristic style. Combining elements of alternative pop, jazz, folk, and house, she creates a sound that is truly her own. Her music is filled with passion and intensity, painting an aura of calm and relaxation, with a touch of beat sounds and moving melodies. Written and composed by herself, Anna’s music has an undeniable heart put into it.

One of the things that sets Anna’s is her ability to create music that is both catchy and thought-provoking. Her songs are filled with clever lyrics and catchy hooks, making them easy to listen to and enjoy, but also contain deeper meaning and emotion. Her voice is smooth and versatile which allows her to convey the different emotions of her songs.

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Anna’s music is heavily influenced by her personal experiences and the world around her. Her songs often address themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, giving them a sense of authenticity and relatability. She has a knack for writing lyrics that speak to listeners on a personal level, making her music all the more impactful.

Her emotions are so perceptible that the audience can actually feel what the songs try to transmit, they get really touched by Anna’s music. Her voice is smooth and sweet, which keeps the listener stunned. She used to be a freelancer, and used to upload her own versions of famous songs on YouTube, where she created an amazing project in 2015 called “Spread the Music”, where she raised funds to buy electric pianos for some schools, and stayed for two weeks teaching the students how to play them.

Anna’s speaks three languages, French, English, and Swedish and also taught English to children at colleges and temples schools in Luang Prabang, Laos. One of her influences is Lianne La Havas. Anna’s first EP was released in December 2018, called “1”, composed of 3 titles “Across the Ocean”, “Losing Game” and “Last Breath”, which showcases her real style. On March 2019, she released her single “De Laponie” and in May 2020, she released her latest EP “Bloom” with 4 songs. This EP showcases her growth as an artist, and it’s filled with a unique style and a great variety of emotions. Anna Leya is an artist that is definitely worth paying attention to as she continues to evolve and make a mark in the music scene.

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