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A powerful, depth, full of contrast and sonorous voice, the greatest and brightest characteristic of our French singer/rapper, songwriter and musician. Since she was a child, music became part of her lifestyle and heart, what leaded her to take lessons of classic music.

Years later she went to study at the USA, to the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she explored and soaked in knowledge about different vocal techniques, as well as many music genres, fusions and styles.

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All In You”, a European summer hit released in 2015, was a collaboration between Anna and Synapson, which put her in the music radar internationally. A year later, in 2016 the first EP from the singer came out named “MHAW” (My Heart Ain’t Wrong), including 5 titles.

A second EP came in the same year some months later, “Pigments” (based on how colorful the content in it is) that included the same amount of titles, with the singles “Believe” and “Ride” among them.

The next year (2017), a third EP “Pixels” saw the public light. In 2018 the artist started a project named “H.E.A.R.T”, a series of songs released one by one with a month of difference between them, “Hypnotize”, “Everybody’s got to learn sometimes”,” Amour et jalousie”, “Roses” and “Try a little tenderness”, creating an acrostic for the name of the project.

Going from hip-hop to electro jazz, Kova has an extend range of diversity with her music style, including elements of house, soul, modern R&B, French pop and rap, all these mixed up with her unique voice, and sometimes acoustic sounds of piano and guitar. An artist proud of her work and honored to keep creating it, definitely with more to show. 

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