A-WA is a highly unique and exciting trio of sisters hailing from Israel. Tair, Liron and Tagel Haim have been making music together since their childhood, and have now brought their unique blend of Yemenite-Jewish music to the global stage.

The group’s music is a fusion of traditional Yemenite-Jewish music, with elements of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music. Their sound is characterized by their use of traditional instruments such as the oud and the darbuka, as well as their use of vocal harmonies and percussive beats. Their music is also characterized by its lyrics, which are in both Hebrew and Yemenite-Jewish dialect.

One of the key strengths of A-WA is their ability to blend traditional and modern elements seamlessly. The sisters have managed to create a sound that is both fresh and contemporary, while still paying homage to their cultural heritage. This is evident in their songs, which often feature traditional melodies and rhythms alongside modern beats and electronic elements.

Their blend of traditional and modern elements may not be for everyone, and some people may find it difficult to connect with the group’s unique sound. Additionally, the group’s lyrics are in Hebrew and Yemenite-Jewish dialect, which may be difficult for non-Hebrew speakers to fully understand and appreciate.

Personally; I liked it, their rhythms and the mix of their own instruments. I love discovering new sounds wherever they come from.


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