10 Colombian Musicians Everyone Needs to Know

Colombian Rhythms: A Journey Through Musical Diversity

Exploring the vibrant world of Colombian music introduces a diverse spectrum of sounds, from the heartfelt melodies of Colombian music artists to the dynamic rhythms of Colombian bands. This journey through Colombia’s musical landscape showcases the rich cultural heritage and innovative spirit that define its music scene, offering a window into the soulful and rhythmic heart of the country.

The Beat of Colombia: Unveiling the Musical Gems

1. No Stories

The ‘dirty’ garage sound of No Stories remind us to the Ramones, the Beach Boys and The Strokes. With 6 years of career in the music world, this band has two EPs: “Home” (2014) and Let’s Get Away (2016). They have also released the singles “Mirage” (2017), “Embrujado” (2018) and “Ahí estaré” (2019). Currently they’re working on their debut album which already has the name of “Better Days”.

2. Lika Nova

Lika Nova makes real the promise that five school friends did: turn their music to a professional and strong project. Nowadays, owning a sound full of synthetizers, guitars, energic drums and deep lyrics, Lika Nova presents itself as one of the bands with most potential and future at the indie scene of Bogota.

3. Montañera

Once again, María Mónica shows us the domain she has over his voice: handles it as she wants. Since she was first heard with Suricato, then with Sagán, and now with her own personal project, her voice has evolved to demonstrate us more frankness, textures and contrasts. Her most recent production, “Encarnación”, is a very personal pop, folklore and electronic interpretation.

4. Cimarrón

A group from the colombo-venezuelan plains of Orinoco, created in 1982 by two musicians, one of them member of the music delegation that accompanied Gabriel García Márquez to the Nobel Price of Literature in Estocolmo, Suecia. Nominated to the Grammy for the best world music album, they have participated in numberless festivals around the world, among them the Folkloric Festival of the Smithsonian, the WOMEX Festival, the Mexican Historic Center Festival, the Great National Theater of China, and other escenaries of Europe, United States, Asia, America and Middle East.

5. Los Carrangomelos

Without intent to be Jorge Velosa’s (pioneer of the musical genre ‘carranga’) successors, in “Animalario Carrangomelo” (2019) ‘Los Carrangomelos’ pretend to take to the bogotans ears a genre that synthesize big part of the andean region’s rythms.

6. Los Yoryis

The band was born in 2016, although years before they worked under other names and formats. Live, this group supports by a visual work consistent that gets very close to their esthetic and musical influences: peruvian ‘chicha’, afrosound, North Mexico and South Argentina sounds.

7. Las Áñez

A musical duet conformed by the twins Juanita and Valentina. The sound of their most recent production goes out of the stereotype and breaks the labels, contrasting with their first album “Silbidos”. Here prevales the use of non traditional instruments, exploring everything the voice can do. They have worked alongside Andrea Echeverri (‘Aterciopelados’), Edson Velandia, Marta Gómez y Kevin Johansen. Their work with Bituín (conformed by Mendoza’s brothers: Daniel and Santiago, and ‘Las Añez’) also outstand.

8. Moügli

Heirs of the ‘Bomba Estéreo’ and ‘Systema Solar’ legacy, this musical project is formed by Juan Pablo Delgado and Samuel Lizarralde. Moügli style’s is called “Jungle Beat”, because its music is all about the jungle sounds, mixed with cumbia, andean rythms and Pacific’s music.

9. Chontadelia

Based on the Colombian Pacific’s music fusion with reggae, dub and electronic sounds. Winners of the ‘Convocatoria Colombia al parque’ in 2019.

10. Los Makenzy

Altough for most of us, and specially to the Makenzy, the rock is usually in english, their spanish work is more than impeccable; is dazzling. From Bogotá, these brothers have a priceless scenic experience thanks to their participation on the New York city circuit. Their sounds palette, harmony, and lyrics that we haven’t heard from a rock band in a long time, will definitely move you.

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