Dive into the World of Spoink Music: A Unique Fusion with the Spoink Band

Spoink represents an avant-garde approach to music, where improvisation meets the diverse backgrounds of its members. This band, with its roots deeply embedded in electro music, blends elements from rock to jazz, creating an unparalleled auditory experience. Their ethos of constant improvisation, both on stage and in the studio, underscores their commitment to spontaneity and connection, crafting a soundscape that resonates with universal values of love and peace.

The members of the project, Simon Santrot on guitar, Raphaël Milovanovic on drums, Rocco Vallognes on bass, and Balthazar Ruff on keyboard, all come from different musical backgrounds, but they are very open-minded when it comes to music.

The project was formed during a meeting organized by Simon, and the members did not know each other very well, which created a unique and new space for each of them to form friendships. The goal of the project is to be in constant improvisation on stage or in the studio, which stimulated each member to develop this unique concept.

The music is improvised, and the themes emerge spontaneously. However, the group has universal values based on love, peace, communication, and sympathy. They consider themselves “knights of kindness.”


The songs are composed in the moment through improvisation. The group spends time rehearsing improvisation, working on existing pieces, and finding ways to be more free and connected with each other. A lot of development happens on stage.

The music is generally very accessible and well-received by the public. Spoink has upcoming shows, including a performance at Rock en Seine festival in August and other shows in Ile de France and festivals. They recently won the Give Me 5 competition, which has boosted their development.

Spoink differentiates itself from other projects in the same genre through improvisation and simplicity. They aim to create a unique experience at every show.

The sound of the project has evolved, and they have invested in better hardware to improve the quality of their music. The musical cohesion has also improved over time, and they are more organized and informed about the music industry after playing around 60 shows.

The live experience is the most important for the project, and they take the most pleasure in creating music spontaneously on stage. A recent memorable show was on April 8, 2023, at Cabaret Sauvage, where they played uninterrupted for 1.5 hours to a full audience. A recording of this concert will be released in the summer, showcasing their live performance. Overall, Spoink is an exciting project with a unique approach to music.

Beyond the Music: The Impact of Spoink on the Music Scene

While the article vividly captures Spoink’s innovative musical journey and their unique improvisational style, it touches less on the wider implications of their work within the music industry and community. Spoink is not just a band; it’s a movement towards a more open, spontaneous form of music creation. This approach challenges conventional music production and performance, encouraging a culture where music evolves in the moment, driven by the energy of the audience and the synergy among the musicians. Spoink’s commitment to “knights of kindness” extends beyond their music, influencing the music scene to adopt a more collaborative and empathetic ethos.

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