“I am a singer, not a rapper”, that’s something that needs to be clarified before we introduce this amazing singer/songwriter. Hip hop is one of the styles that influence his music, he grew up surrounded by it, but Nassi doesn’t want to focus on that while doing his art.

Nassi is a very talented and inspiring artist that started by writing songs for other interpreters, such as Kendji Girac, Claudio Capéo or Soprano. His passion for the music began at a very young age, when he was only 11 years old. With his shy and reserved personality, Nassi found an excellent way to express his feelings to the people, and make them feel identified with his music.


After years of work creating songs for others, Nassi felt that he had to take the risk and start doing his own pieces, his own music. In early 2017, the artist released his first single named “La vie est belle”, which had an awesome impact and reached very good streaming numbers. Then it was released the single “Pas fatigue”, and some months later, “Rêves de gamin” saw the public light, both of them with a sound of modern French chart pop, and talking about his childhood, something that he considered it was appropriate to make his introduction to the world.

His most recent single “À la dérive”, released on September 6th of 2019, definitely has the characteristic touch of Nassi, and gives us a lead about where he wants to direct his work.

Nassi’s music style definitely can’t be defined by only one genre, his work has touches of hip hop, French pop, reggae, soul, and oriental music, to mention a few. His songs come with lyrics full of feelings, deep interpretations of reality, inspiration, and evolution. The studio it’s his playground, and he spends a lot of time in it.

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