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Liane Foly

A French jazz singer, Liane Foly (born in French Algeria as Eliane Falliex on December 16, 1962) got her start singing with her parents’ orchestra as a child before striking out on her own. Discovered in 1984, it wasn’t until 1987 that Foly’s career got a boost when she impressed Fabrice Hataf, who happened to be the artistic director at Virgin France. A year later her debut album was issued, entitled The Man I Love, and scored success right out of the box.

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Nine albums would follow over the next (nearly) 20 years, building on that earlier success, including a pair of live albums and the 2002 best of, Au Fur et a Mesure. In 2008, Foly released full-length number eight, le Gout du Desir. She also appeared in a number of films including 2006’s Navarro. by Chris True

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