Fanny Seï


Fanny Seï is a French author, composer and performer. Originally from Montpellier, she moved to Paris where she followed a 3-year professional training in musicalmente theatre. Guitarist, pianist, singer, she has been a …

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Nemir, an up-and-coming rapper from Perpignan, France, has been making waves in the music industry with his playful voice and undeniable talent. He first gained recognition in 2010 when he won the Buzz …

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Tiwayo is a bohemian singer/songwriter, guitarist and autodidact from Paris, who started his musical education at home, learning to play the guitar at the age of 16. He developed a penchant for the …

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music review

Aïnah, “the source” in Hebrew, is the meeting of the singular and ardent voice of Anna Jouan, a singer/songwriter, with the amazing Haykel Skouri, who plays the orchestra role in the group and …

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Alem beatbox


Mastering the Art of Beatboxing: A Symphony of Sound and Rhythm Maël Gayaud, better known by his stage name Alem, is a distinguished figure in the beatboxing world, hailing from Lyon, France. Born …

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