Named by the world a “spark in the French chanson”, an uprising star from the Parisian scene, ZAZ, whose real name is Isabelle Geffroy, was born in 1980, and is a French singer, violinist, guitarist and pianist, as well as a composer and songwriter.

Her passion for music grew since a very early age, that leaded her to study at a conservatory where she learned music theory and to play the before mentioned instruments. ZAZ also took singing lessons before entering to a music school in Bordeaux at her youth. Some years between 2001 and 2008, Isabelle played and performed with different groups, mostly dedicated to blues and jazz styles. Around 2010, Isabelle’s solo professional career took impulse.

Her debut album, an eponymous work, was released in 2010 including 11 titles, “Je Veux”, ZAZ’s breakthrough single, among them.  Two years later, her second album “Recto Verso” was released, this opus has 17 titles, including the singles “On Ira” and “Si”. The following year Isabelle worked on a new record honoring and paying tribute to her beloved Paris, this record “Paris”, contained 13 tracks, a series of covers like “Paris Sera Tojours Paris”, “J’aime Paris” and “La romance de Paris”, to mention a few.

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Then we have in 2015 the release of her first live album “Sur la Route”, which includes 13 titles and compiles different songs from her previous albums. After a break to pursuit other interests of the artist, she comes back with “Effet Miroir”, her fourth album, conformed by 15 titles and including the singles “Demain c’est toi” and the Spanish track “Qué vendrá”.

A modern masterpiece from the ‘chanson française’ is what she is, an energetic, strong, empowered woman with passion, love, and inspiring unique grace. ZAZ uses the Latin, Afro, Parisian and Brazilian influences into her own representative style, with jazz, blues, contemporary pop, pop-rock, and many other genres, combined with her broken but amazing voice, so crude, with so much power contained, she creates a whole exceptional sound worthy of all recognition.

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