Thirty Seconds to Mars

Commonly written as 30 Seconds to Mars, a rock band from North America, most specifically, Los Angeles, California (USA), in 1998. The band originally started with only two members, the brothers Jared and Shannon Leto.  With Jared in charge of the lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and Shannon in charge of the drums and percussion. In the course of the years, they added 3 different members, Solon Bixler as a guitarist (2001-2003), Matt Wachter as a bassist (2001-2007), and Tomo Miličević in replacement of Bixler (2003-2018).

In 1999 the band signed a contract with Virgin Records and Inmortal Records. The band’s first album released in 2002 (3 years after the recruitment), is called “30 Seconds to Mars”, produced by Bob Ezrin, and it had very positive reviews.

The album debuted in the 107 place of the Billboard 200 list, and the number one in Top Heatseekers with 121.000 copies sold in the United States. The singles of this album were “Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” and “Edge of the Earth”. The band became worldwide famous with its second album named “A Beautiful Lie” released in 2005 and produced by Josh Abraham, with multiples singles as “Attack”, “The Kill”, “From Yesterday” and “A Beautiful Lie”.

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The single “The Kill” broke up a record of the longest time being part of the Alternative Songs list. Also, “From Yesterday” got the first position in the already mentioned list. After this, the band released three more albums, “This is War” (2009), “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” (2013), and “America”  produced by Jared Leto itself alongside Yellow Claw, Zedd, Robopop and others (2018).

The band is known for its energetic live performances, and for using instruments of a wide variety of genres, as alternative rock, progressive metal, hard rock, pop rock, indie rock, space rock, experimental rock and others.  They also like to create concept album’s, and personal lyrics based on the experiences of the band. Pink Floyd is one of its musical influences.

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