The 10 Best-Selling Artists in Vinyl During 2018

  • 10 – Queen (113.000 copies)

Freddie Mercury’s group is still incombustible. Last year, it also got a huge boost from Bohemian Rhapsody, the biopic of the year, which hit the box office and Golden Globes. It seems that, besides having the most listened to song in streaming, it is also reproduced in vinyl.

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Photo by @Queen
  • 09 – Metallica (116.000 copies)

It’s the band of its genre with the most copies sold, it’s in top form. So much so that, in addition to music, they have just presented their first beer.

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Photo by @Metallica
  • 08 – Jimi Hendrix (119.000 copies)

It’s been 50 years since the Woodstock festival, when Jimi Hendrix left all the audience speechless with an unforgettable performance. That’s why he’s the best guitarist who’s ever played music.

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Photo by @JimiHendrix
  • 07 – Michael Jackson (131.000 copies)

His best and best-selling album, Thriller, has sold more than 65 million copies worldwide, got 33 platinum albums and seven of his songs reached the top 10 charts. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop.

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Photo by @michaeljackson
  • 06 – Led Zeppelin (138.000 copies)

Fifty years ago, the frontiers of rock expanded beyond what has been known until now thanks to the recording debut of Led Zeppelin, one of the biggest bands in the genre.

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Photo by Ron Rafaelli
  • 05 – Fleetwood Mac (139.000 copies)

This group left a few albums for posterity, also a good number of stories to tell, and tell 50 years of their existence.

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Photo by King Collection
  • 04 – Panic! At the Disco (148.000 copies)

In spite of being a relatively recent band if we compare it with the others, since it was founded in 2004, Panic! At the Disco have recently released their sixth album with much success around the world.

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Photo by @panicatthedisco
  • 03 – David Bowie (150.000 copies)

Although he’s not with us, we’re still discovering new ways to discover David Bowie and get closer to his music.

Photo by @davidbowie
  • 02 – Pink Floyd (177.000 copies)

On November 30, 1979, the British band Pink Floyd presented The Wall. It was the group’s eleventh studio album, considered a reference in progressive rock. Almost 50 years later, it is still one of the best sellers.

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Photo by @pinkfloyd
  • 01 – The Beatles (321.000 copies)

The four from Liverpool are written in gold letters in the history of music and even in 2019 they are still the most important band. The Beatles‘ music will never go out of style and will continue to influence multiple generations of musicians.

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Photo by @thebeatles


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