Monaco-based sensation Olla has dropped a new single entitled “Monte Carlo”. The track pays tribute to one of her favourite destinations, inspired by the city’s charm and exquisite atmosphere. With a groovy melody and smooth topline, the track exudes a pronounced French character, offering a taste of the high life on the French Riviera to listeners. The enchanting vocals in the bridge capture the essence of Monte Carlo’s luxurious evenings, with yachts and ships swaying on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

“My song is meant to take you on a musical journey through the elegant streets of Monte Carlo. This iconic place has an unforgettable atmosphere of its own. It’s impossible not to feel the energy of endless opportunities in Monte Carlo”, Olla explains.

Olla musique

Luxury-lounge sounding “Monte Carlo” is sure to become an anthem for those who have already fallen in love with the city, and a must-listen for those planning a trip to this unbelievably chic destination. Olla herself explains, “Once you come to Monte Carlo, you are bound to come back.”

The release of “Monte Carlo” on all digital platforms on February 24th will be accompanied by a mood video. Get ready to be swept away on a musical journey through the elegant and luxurious streets of Monte Carlo with Olla.

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