Nomad Men

Nomad Men is an entirely new artistic project that creates unique performances and pedal-powered machines. Created by artists Quentin Prysbyla and Alexis Pinheiro, the project is all about passion, creativity, innovation, rhythm, and travel. The project is based on the concept of being a nomad at heart, with a strong drive to explore and create.

The Imaginarium is where the magic happens, with drawings, designs, and the construction of unusual machines made from recycled objects, lots of elbow grease, music, and captivating visual art. The machines are eco-friendly constructions that blend a mechanical and poetic universe.

They are steel constructions covered in lace, and they evoke an imaginary world of old tractors, vintage motorcycles, and fantastic creatures from science fiction movies and comic books.

Nomad Men

The machines are an exquisite mix of materials, colors, and vintage lamps that give them their unique charm. They are built in the Nomad Men workshop and brought to life in front of audiences throughout Europe.

The Nomad Men company is committed to the planet and public health. They have made significant efforts to adopt eco-friendly behaviors in their performances and in the entertainment industry in general. They have eliminated the use of single-use plastic items, such as plates, water bottles, and cups, and have developed alternative solutions.

They have built machines that are eco-friendly and have installed the Ecopra pollution reduction system on their vehicles. They also use reusable bottles and eco-cups and serve vegetarian meals at their performances.

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