No Money Kids

No Money Kids: The Electro-Blues Revolution

Dive into the electrifying world of No Money Kids, the dynamic Electro-Blues duo that’s redefining the genre with their innovative sound. Comprising Félix Matschulat’s soulful vocals and guitar, alongside JM Pelatan’s masterful bass and sampling, this duo crafts a sonic experience that bridges the raw emotion of blues with the pulsating energy of electronic music. From the streets of Paris to the global stage, No Money Kids tells the compelling stories of the marginalized, making their music not just heard, but felt.

No money kids band

The No Money Kids are a French Electro-Blues duo known for their gritty and compelling sound that merges the soul of blues with the edge of electronic music. Formed by Félix Matschulat and JM Pelatan, the pair have carved out a niche in the music industry with their storytelling that often highlights the plights of the disenfranchised and the socially marginalized.

No Money Kids

Since their formation in 2010, the duo has rapidly gained a following with their debut EP, “Old Man”, released in 2014. Their first full album, “I DON’T TRUST YOU”, arrived in 2015, showcasing their raw DIY ethos and production skills. The album’s 12 tracks resonate with fans for their authenticity and powerful lyrical content.

Their relentless dedication to their craft saw No Money Kids performing over a hundred concerts, which helped cement their reputation on stage. Their sophomore album, “HEAR THE SILENCE”, was released in 2017, featuring the standout track “Take me to your Home”, and was followed by their third album “TROUBLE” in 2018, continuing the narrative of contemporary struggles.

With their latest album, “Factory”, released in November 2021, No Money Kids take a deep dive into the lives of the working class and the industrial landscape that shapes them. The album’s 12 songs, plus a bonus track, reflect the duo’s ongoing evolution and their ability to capture the essence of the times through thoughtful lyrics and innovative soundscapes.

Fans and new listeners alike compare No Money Kids to The Black Keys for their raw and bluesy sound, yet the duo consistently brings a fresh and modern twist to the Electro-Blues genre. Their music not only entertains but also provokes thought, serving as a testament to their talent and the impact of their message on today’s music scene.

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