Louane is a French singer, songwriter and actress, known for her unique and powerful voice. She gained fame in France after competing in the reality show “The Voice: la plus belle voix” in 2013, where she finished as the runner-up. Since then, she has released several albums, singles and has also acted in movies and TV series.

In 2014, Louane released her debut album “Chambre 12” which was a commercial success, reaching number one on the French Albums Chart and remaining there for several weeks. The album features a mix of pop, rock and R&B and showcases her powerful voice, which is one of her greatest assets. The album includes hit songs such as “Jour 1” and “Avenir” which have become staples of French pop music.

In 2016, Louane released her second album “Louane” which received positive reviews from critics and was also a commercial success. The album features a mix of genres, including pop, rock, and electronic elements. The album included hit songs like “On était beau” and “Si t’étais là” which helped solidify her place as one of the leading artists in French music.


In 2018, Louane released her third album “Joie de vivre” which marked a departure from her previous work and explored new sounds and themes. The album was praised for its maturity and showcased her growth as an artist. The album included hit songs like “Donne-moi ton coeur” and “Don’t Worry”.

In December 2022, Louane released her fourth album “Sentiments” which included 10 tracks, the album marked a new step in her career and explored themes of love, emotions and personal experiences, it was well received by the public and the critics.

In addition to her music career, Louane has also had a successful acting career, she played the lead role in the French film “La Famille Bélier” which won her a César award. She has also acted in several other movies and TV series, demonstrating her versatility as an artist.

Louane is a talented and versatile artist who has established herself as one of the leading artists in French music. Her powerful voice, unique sound and versatility as an artist have helped her stand out in the French music scene. She continues to evolve and impress with her music, and her acting career is also worth watching.

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