Avishai Cohen

It is not wonder that this Israeli double-bass player surprises us every time he undertakes a new album. And yes, Cohen now gives us the production entitled: 1970. From aesthetic more ¨electric ̈, in others words: less acoustic than usual, this disc was produced by the engineer Jay Newland who has worked for artists like Norah Jones and Charlie Haden.They say out there that it is better late than never, and after numerous requests from those who follow him, Avishai Cohen has granted us the desire to hear him sing and playing the bass at the same time. Beyond a jazz album or any other genre, 1970 is a personal diary which reaffirms the line of values that Cohen has always outlined in his music; is another facet of the instrumentalist, let’s say it’s more accessible, but that does not compromise the genius of his talent.

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