Andrea Lacoste

The Venezuelan singer Andrea Lacoste, is a creative, honest and polyglot artist. She is also a translator interpreter graduated from Modern Languages, and she studied musical production in Mexico. Andrea has always been a big fan of 80’s music, including artists like Animotion and New Order. Later, between different trips and removals, she lived in several countries, what made her learn English, French and German.

Andrea started her career in 2010, her first move was to release three singles called “Minicuentos”, “En mis paredes” and “Brindis”, promoting her debut album “Suele Pasar”, finally released in 2013. This album was musically produced by Frontierizo and Andrea itself, recorded at the “Aldea Producciones” studios and at “El Zimmercito”, both in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“Suele Pasar” was an experiment; a first attempt to approach music. After this, she wanted to try something different, making more electronic, acidic, and heavy sounds that would contrast with her voice. Her second project, an EP entitled “Tierra De Eterno Verano” (launched in 2016), includes four tracks in which she focused on working with different elements of traditional Venezuelan music.

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The inspiration for this album came out with an advertising campaign made in Venezuela, where she traveled for the states Lara, Zulia, and Caracas, to mention a few, and wanted to write songs about her musical experiences there. She came back with her second album “En La Boca Del”, released in 2018, that is described as electronic rock with a melancholic sweet voice, and lyrics mostly in Spanish, but sometimes in French or German.

In this work she brushes with the new wave, industrial, dark synth pop of the eighties too. Includes the singles “Hass” (a song written in German), “No Logro Recordar” and “Solo”.  She started making sweet music and pop, then changed to the Latin American electronic rhythms and now makes heavy electronic. Her lyrics deal with themes related to the loss of memory through time, depression, love, lack of love and the abuse of power.

The singer is one of the most authentic and fresh Venezuelan talents of today. Her pop melodies mixed with melancholic lyrics are the influence of all the countries in which she has lived throughout her life.


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